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Congestive Heart Failure Rehabilitation

Congestive Heart Failure Rehabilitation

A Touchpoints Rehab Signature Program

Through Touchpoints Rehab’s comprehensive heart failure rehabilitation program, our patients receive personalized care from our multidisciplinary team, with attention to maximizing the effectiveness of medication therapy, enhancing knowledge of chronic disease and increasing exercise tolerance. Care is tailored to the unique needs of each of our patients as they move through the continuum of care. Check out the video at the bottom of this page. 

Congestive Heart Failure Rehabilitation Program Brochure

Individuals entering rehabilitation are always unique, but their primary objective is typically the same – a return to health, home and what’s important in life, as soon as possible. At Touchpoints Rehab we understand. Our innovative, personalized program is designed to accelerate the recovery process, so that patients can Get Well, Live Well and Be Well, faster, better and with fewer challenges than any traditional rehabilitation program.

Article: Healthy Living with Congestive Heart Failure

Touchpoints Rehab, in collaboration with our acute care hospital partners, offers both inpatient and outpatient programs. These programs are designed to optimize therapy, promote recovery, and provide ongoing quality of life for patients experiencing congestive heart failure. 

Patient Testimonial for Congestive Heart Failure Program

Program Highlights

Some patients who have been hospitalized following heart failure may be encouraged to stay in a post-acute facility to regain their strength. Our network partnerships ensure that our patients receive rehabilitation services in close collaboration with their medical team within the hospital networks. The key features of this unique approach include the fact that the Touchpoints Rehab team: 

  • Has been trained by the hospital network heart failure team. The clinical team follows their established protocols.
  • Has an experienced physician and physician extenders rounding on-site and available for consultation after-hours.  
  • Includes a dedicated Care Transitions Nurse Liaison who follows heart failure patients through the course of their care, including after discharge home and provides additional, continuous clinical over- sight and support. 
  • Remains in continuous communication with hospital partners, working together to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, the hospital team remains informed on the progress of patients’ post-acute stays on a daily basis and continuing through discharge home. 
  • Are skilled in the delivery of all IV treatments and modalities and has the ability to provide intravenous push and infusion medications above and beyond those permitted in a standard skilled nursing setting.  
  • Once discharged, patients are reconnected with their primary care provider through the Heart Failure Clinic

Our heart failure program is customized to the patient’s needs and include:

  • Oversight by partner clinicians including consulting cardiology APRNs.
  • Ongoing cardiac evaluations
  • Cardiac education for you and your family
  • Heart healthy menu
  • Weight monitoring
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Customized care planning
  • Home support and discharge planning
  • Weekly rounds by cardiology advanced practitioners
  • Advanced IV Lasix, Bumex, Dobutamine and Milrinone therapies
  • Weekly lab value monitoring
  • Touchpoints Rehab locations are part of the Trinity Health of New England SOHO Post Acute Network and Hartford HealthCare Integrated Care Partners Network.


  • Consultations and daily communication with the hospital team ensure continuity of care and optimal treatment decisions.
  • Careful oversight of progress and a quieter, more personal environment are highly conducive to rapid improvements.
  • Individually paced rehab programming enables faster recovery, stabilization and restoration of strength.